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PHARMAPS© Medication Safety PLUS

Improved medication safety with Pharmaps

Pharmaps BV was established to support health care professionals in reducing the number of adverse drug events. In hospitals, but especially in the areas of care for the disabled, home care and nursing homes, pharmaceutical care may be greatly improved. For this, Pharmaps is developing a new generation of decision support software solutions.

Pharmaps Medication Safety PLUS provides:
  • Considerably more relevant signals for (hospital) pharmacists.

  • A significant improvement of efficiency by filtering irrelevant messages to prevent alert fatigue and intelligent automation of care processes involving medication.

  • Good cooperation in healthcare chains, as well as between the first and second line, by using partnerships with regional or national networks.

  • Usage of patient data and laboratory data, not just medication data.

  • Usage of your own defined Clinical Rules and the standard (First DB; nat. standard, other) you use.

Pharmaps enables hospital pharmacists to greatly improve the quality of their collaboration with specialists and nursing staff by performing medication monitoring not only in the (Hospital) Pharmacy Information Systems, but also cleverly integrating this into the EPD and EPS. Your regional role in the cooperation with the poly-pharmacy, primary pharmacies, doctors and laboratories can be fullfilled by integrating Pharmaps into local networks.

We believe that often all relevant data of a patient is available somewhere. But how to get the desired information (such as laboratory data, allergies) at the right time to the right caregiver so that mistakes can be avoided? Contact Pharmaps.