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Increased medication safety

Pharmaps Medication Safety PLUS was first implemented at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital and the Bernhoven Hospitals. The hospital pharmacy in the north-east of Brabant (ZANOB) asked Pharmaps to also incorporate their own Clinical Rules. Pharmaps Medication Safety PLUS integrates data from disparate sources (labsystems, HIS, GP systems) and considers those data in the Clinical Decision Rules and in the reasoning proces.

Applying safer medication prescription monitoring rules

ZANOB was looking for an improved way to combine both medication data and patients' laboratory results as measured by the Clinical Chemistry department of the hospital, in safe medication prescription monitoring. This required technology that is capable of disclosing the data sources and reasoning with these data, but that also allows for new rules to be added and considered continually and flexibly. Pharmaps Medication Safety PLUS realizes these ambitions.

By now the application also supports the community pharmacies by making data exchange possible between them and the hospitals. The next step is aimed at the prescribing physicians. By taking these steps, ZANOB expects to realize a considerable improvement of medication safety for its patients in the north-east of Brabant.

Results at ZANOB

Kidney malfunction is now also automatically detected for younger people; until now this was only checked in people over 70.

Increased potassium of 1 potassium-increasing product is also detected; until now this was only reported as an interaction of 2 products.

Pharmaps Medication Safety PLUS saves half an hour per day per pharmacist, by focusing on relevant signals.