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About Pharmaps bv

Our mission is: to drastically improve medication safety, together with you. The prevention of avoidable errors, improvement of medication processes and good cooperation in healthcare chains can be helped with smart automation. There is still quite a lot of human work involved, but Pharmaps gladly supports the caregiver to greatly enhance the quality and effectiveness of medication processes.

“Pharmaps acts on national and international reports such as Harm (2006), Harm Wrestling (2009) and the final report of the Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ) on medication safety in the Care Sector (September 2010). For example, all of the recommendations in the Harm Wrestling report that could be automated, are available in the Pharmaps software. The aforementioned studies provide all the support needed to widely deploy easy to implement applications in care organizations.” Rein Vehmeijer, President of Pharmaps

Pharmaps was established in 2007 and is a subsidiary company of Inforay International BV. Inforay International BV is a Dutch software company that was established in 1994. Its main focus is on the Health Care sector. Inforay creates practical information solutions that are tailored to a specific need. The company provides both the knowledge and the patented technology to convert innovative ideas into useful applications for Business Intelligence and healthcare chain integration. Inforay is located in Leusden with 20 employees.

In January of 2009 PPM Oost decided to invest in Pharmaps. At the moment, Pharmaps has 5 regular employees. Inforay provides Pharmaps with additional expertise and employees when needed. With its software solutions for (hospital) pharmacists, specialists, doctors and nursing staff, Pharmaps aims to provide far-reaching improvements in medication safety.